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Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Designed to distribute electrical power to multiple devices....

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Fan Tray Assemblies

Fan Tray Assembly
Reduce noise, increase airflow and lower energy consumption.
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Rack mounted power distribution unit (PDU)


The types and uses for a rack mounted power distribution unit or PDU are many and varied. From basic unmetered power strips to devices able to remotely monitor and control a PDU can cater for both AC and DC functions.

A DC power distribution unit will range from 1U all the way through to distribution cabinets. The primary use of DC power distribution is for telecommunication but can have a number of other uses including solar energy, vehicle equipment as well as rail and aerospace.

A DC rack mounted power distribution unit will also usually have an A + B feed and for the primary use of telecoms work at -48V DC.

An AC rack mounted PDU is usually smaller in size as they primarily are mains powered and are used in server racks and data centres. These are the most popular type of PDU and there are hundreds of options to suit almost all needs.


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