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Rack mount
DC power distribution unit

DC Power Distribution Unit
19" Rack-mounted DC Power Distribution Units. Supplied with or without meters.
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Rack mount
AC power distribution unit

AC Power Distribution Unit
Rack-mounted AC Power Distribution Units......
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Battery Distribution Fuse Bay (BDFB) / Battery Distribution Circuit Breaker Bay (BDCBB)

With options to suit every posible need, the BDFB and BDCBB range from Allstar Power are the ideal choice in distribution cabinets. The Allstar Power BDFB and BDCBB are availble with front and rear doors for easy access and removable side panels to aid installation.

Other features to the BDFB and BDCBB also include a maximum current rating of 2000 Amps per bus, individual BDFB and BDCBB isolating switches, AMP and Volt metering and remote monitoring.

Take a closer look at our BDFB and BDCBB range.

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